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The sad reaction of Ramos after the elimination of Spain



Sergio Ramos, captain of Spain, stopped in front of the media following the elimination of ‘Roja’ at the hands of Russia after the penalty shootout.

« It’s very difficult to think of something else, football is that, you do everything to win, but for circumstances and little details you do not pass, we played against the organizer, it was a complicated match and we did everything we could, « said Ramos.

« We have constantly generated opportunities, we have played with our souls, every Spaniard has seen that we have put everything, our whole heart, we are proud to be Spain more than ever. tell you we’re going head-high, « he said.

Ramos insisted on the painful aspect of this defeat. « Every time you come out of a World Cup it’s painful, they waited to get to the penaltys, that was the only way they could attack us. proud of the work of the entire team, « he assured.

Is it the end of a generation? « There is a whole team to keep dreaming, » concluded the defender.

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