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Messi salvation speech at the half time of Nigeria-Argentina



Last night, Argentina had a new eventful evening. In delicacy before facing Nigeria, the selection of Jorge Sampaoli had to win to win the round of 16. And in pain and on the wire, the goal was filled (2-1). Marcos Rojo released his team at the end of the match, while Lionel Messi scored the first goal after a superb sequence.

But in addition to this achievement, the captain of Albiceleste was literally everywhere, even assuming the role of coach. As a good captain he is, the southpaw fought for his teammates, like the tackle full of rage in the 92nd minute. Exemplary, Messi had also put his partners on track by sending them a strong message at halftime. A meaningful speech that made the difference.


If it is difficult to hear the words of the Argentine leader, Marcos Rojo revealed the content of this speech after the match: « Messi approached us and told us to calm down and not to stress. we felt nervous and this message helped us a lot and gave me a tremendous boost of confidence Messi told everyone that it was life or death, it could have gone wrong. but Leo was stubborn, he told me to run, even [Javier] Mascherano, Messi told everyone to attack, he really read the game and the risks, he’s a leader, the best.  » , he explained, before concluding.

« Messi is our captain and he’s the best captain in the world – it was amazing to score that goal. » Like what, the FC Barcelona player made the difference on and off the pitch.

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