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Messi or Ronaldo? Dani Alves prefers ….



Who is the best ? Messi or Cristiano? Cristiano or Messi? This is a recurrent debate … Dani Alves, defender of the PSG gives us his opinion.

In an interview for ‘FIFA TV’, the former defender of Barça and Juventus did not hesitate to answer when asked who was the most difficult footballer he had encountered.

« I think it’s Cristiano Ronaldo, » said Alves. The Brazilian has had many duels with the Portuguese star in recent years.

But when asked who was the best in history, he replied, « The best footballer in history? I would say Messi because I saw him played in the same club as me. Other footballers I do not know what they say about them.

« I can not see others, I can not confirm, so I chose who I see. I think that Messi, with Neymar, is the most spectular I’ve seen, « said Dani Alves.

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