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2018 World Cup: Messi forced to take an anti-doping test



Two days before the start of the world competition in Russia, Lionel Messi and his teammates received an unexpected visit from the FIFA inspectors. No for a courtesy call, but to pass anti-doping tests to the Argentina team.
Several FIFA representatives introduced themselves spontaneously to the Bronnitsy base camp for the purposes of the anti-doping test.

It is the team that gives information, stating that the players concerned were drawn to submit to urinary and blood tests. Have undergone the test, Marcos, Acuña, Franco Armani, Paulo Dybala, Nicolas Otamendi, Eduardo Salvio and Lionel Messi.

At the end of the exam, the players returned to their training venue to prepare for their first match.

The anti-doping tests have been carried out by FIFA for several years, and make it possible to dispel any controversy about the state of a team. It can be done during the competition or before the games start.

As a reminder, Argentina has been racing for the World Cup for several years, and missed out on the final of the last edition. To get to the heart of the game, Argentina will have to face Iceland next Saturday.

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